Help Your Children Learn Reading the Right Way

There are dozens and dozens of techniques and lessons available to teach children how to read. Unfortunately, the majority of these incorporate one or more of the five most common teaching mistakes that will hinder the child's ability to learn reading.

Here at Preschool University, we offer the best products available for teaching children to be successful in mastering the written and spoken word. They have been tested and refined in the school environment for over 22 years with incredible success. Our products take your children step-by-step and advancing sequentially through higher levels as your children have fun building understanding, mastery and self-confidence along the way.

You won't believe how much fun your children will have learning, and the feeling you'll get when they come and tell you, "I can read all by myself!"

Preschool University Complete Reading Lesson Booklets

This complete lesson series is properly designed to take your children through all the incremental steps in reading, making them a master reader at an early age. Go >

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Preschool University Fun Learn-to-Read Game Apps

This huge series of fun reading-game apps are specially designed to give your children the proper training they need to master the fundamentals of reading all the way through the most advanced aspects of the English language. Go >

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