Step Five to Reading - Word Decoding

When Blending and Segmenting are Mastered, it's Time to Decode Words

Decoding is the child’s ability to use their skill of letter/sound connections and proficiency in recognizing letter patterns to correctly vocalize written words. Understanding all these aspects gives children the capacity to identify familiar phrases quickly and to decode words that they have never have seen before.

Even though a few students may well have the ability to decode a number of letter/sound relationships by themselves, the majority of them require training. Our reading lessons guide beginning readers in learning these particular connections as well as the best ways to pronounce words and the ability to react properly to exceptions to the rules.

Be sure to use our checklist to find exactly where your child is at in reading, where any gaps may be and the right materials to use.

Words are the building blocks of sentences. Much of your pupil's reading frustrations will likely stem from the incapacity to read words. Your child will not likely be capable of reading through sentences if he cannot read words correctly. To read words properly, it's necessary to acquire good decoding abilities. Figuring out effective ways to decipher words first involves proficiency of phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle (phonics), phoneme blending and phoneme segmenting.

In order to read words successfully, your child needs the knowledge of letter/sound affiliations. The novice reader requires a great deal of training decoding words to build self-confidence to increase their mastery before progressing forward.

The activities below were developed by specialists and will provide your student the challenge and practice needed to become very efficient at decoding and reading words and will make them equipped to proceed to Step 6: Reading Sentences.

Word Decoding Apps

Three App Games Help Your Child Read Words with Phonetic Letter Sounds

ABC Spelling Magic 1 word spelling app


Short Vowel Words

This fun app shows children new ways to build and segment words. It focuses on CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, such as "cat", "box" and "rug". It helps children learn and reinforce letter sound knowledge. This app helps children learn the essential reading skill of segmenting. Children have the option to build words using the entire alphabet or just the letters for that word.

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word reading app - ABC Spelling Magic 2


Consonant Blends

Your children will learn how to build, segment and read words with consonant blends. This app uses consonant blends-CVCC (consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant) words and CCVC (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant) words, such as "land", "jump" and "nest". These games reinforce letter sound knowledge and segmenting, an essential reading skill.

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ABC Spelling Magic 3 reading word games


Blends and Syllables

Teaches children how to build and segment words with multiple syllables. This game app targets words with multiple syllables, such as "pumpkin", "nugget" and "fabric", which reinforces multiple letter sound word building to further reinforce segmenting skills.

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ABC Spelling Magic 4 silent final e words


Silent Final "e"

This word reading app helps children learn and apply the silent final "e" concept as they build words. It features words such as "cake", "bike" and "home", which helps children master segmenting words with a silent "e" at the end.

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