Books – Set 2 – B&W Printed


Set 2 – 3-Letter Word Double Sentences

10 books, 8 pages each

Set 2 focuses on basic three-letter phonetic words in sentences. Only short vowel sounds are used such as the “a” in “cat”. These books contain one or more sentences per page with only a few sight words. These books are a great beginning place for emerging readers to have fun and success with reading books. Sample page: “Dot has a job. Dot gets the pods.”

Before reading this series, children will do best if they have:

1. Practice and mastery with blending, segmenting and reading three-letter words. See our lessons on reading words here.

2. Practice and mastery reading short sentences of 3-letter words.

Practice and mastery reading the previous book set: Set 1 – 3-Letter Single Sentence Books.