Books – Set 4 – Color Printed


Set 4 – Blends and Syllables

10 books, 8 pages each

The focus of this set is on words with advanced consonant blends, such as “drift” and “sprint”. You child will also practice reading words with two or more syllables, such as “robin”, “sunset” and “pumpkin”. Each book contains one or more sentences per page with only a few sight words. Sample page: “The muffins get plump. The muffins get crisp. Krista can smell the muffins.”

Before reading this series, children will do best if they have:

1. Practice and mastery with blending, segmenting and reading three-letter words, four letter words with consonant blends, and words with advanced consonant blends and multiple syllables. See our lessons on reading words here.

2. Practice and mastery reading short sentences of 3-letter words, words with consonant blends, words with advanced consonant blends and syllables in them.

Practice and mastery reading Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3.