This site is all about how to teach reading to your child. We are the experts providing you with time-tested, proven learning methods that give your child your the tools to become successful readers. 

We offer a wealth of expert tips and information as well as an exciting variety of specially designed early childhood reading products that help give your child a jump in their educational experience.

Our Preschool University Learning Products Include engaging reading game apps and learn-to-read printable booklets that incorporate the important step-by-step keys for learning to read. They follow a carefully designed sequence so your children will not miss any steps in their quest to master reading.

The Classroom is Our Laboratory

The learn-to-read products available on this site were produced by early childhood educators specializing in teaching reading skills to young children. These products were tested and fine-tuned in the classroom laboratory with children.

These products are influenced by Montessori philosophy, which provides a holistic approach to learning based on the child’s stages of natural development as they interact with their environment. These products are also influenced by time-tested perennial phonics techniques and current research into reading acquisition. One of the most important gifts you can give your child is the ability to read.

We are pleased to show you how to teach reading through this line of app games, printable booklets, and step-by-step information.

How to Teach Reading - Step-by-Step

There are several progressive but important steps to consider when teaching reading skills to your child. By learning this sequence, you can pinpoint exactly what reading level your child is at and where he might be struggling. You can then apply the explicit learning tools we produced to the areas he needs help with.

Sequence to Reading Mastery

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