Sentence Building Games Fill in the Gap between Reading Words and Books

Most reading programs jump from reading words right into reading books, which leaves some foundational building blocks out of a complete learning experience. Our sentence-building games fill in those missing pieces. They give your child the gradual step-up from our word reading games to full mastery of reading short sentences. These are the perfect games to help children gain reading confidence with crucial practice in decoding, blending, and comprehending complete sentences. Just as the ability to segment words helps children become good word readers, so, too, does sentence reading help children become better at sentence reading.

Benefits of Our Apps for Building Sentences
  • Helps build and read sentences;
  • Helps children become excellent readers;
  • Familiarizes children with over 40 of the most common sight words;
  • Takes children from reading words to reading sentences;
  • Prepares children to read decodable sentences and books;
  • Offers them the opportunity to practice comprehension skills and increase fluency without becoming intimidated by a full page of print;
  • Helps children to develop fluid speed reading;
  • Builds reading confidence;
  • Interface adheres to standards set for properly designed games allowing children to learn faster and better.
Game Modes
  • Sentence mode gives children practice reading short sentences by moving words in their correct positions;
  • Reading mode gives children practice reading short sentences word by word;
  • The Deluxe version of these apps provides many more sentences, additional games to practice sight words reading as well as custom settings to change font styles, colors and voices.
Note Before Playing these Sentence Reading Games

 Children who play these sentence games need to be able to consistently and easily read 3-letter short vowel words such as “bed,” “cat,” “dog,” “mix,” and “mud.” If your child is struggling to sound out these words, she will need to develop stronger single-word reading skills. Please, have her play our ABC Reading Magic and ABC Spelling Magic apps until she masters reading short-vowel words.



  • 324 sentences divided into four categories and 24 lessons
  • 72 Two-word sentences
  • 84 Three-word sentences
  • 84 Four-word sentences
  • 84 Five-word and six-word sentences

This app focuses on CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. 

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Full version



  • Over 50 of the most common sight words;
  • 324 sentences divided into four categories and 24 lessons;
  • 81 Two-word sentences;
  • 82 Three-word sentences;
  • 84 Four-word sentences;
  • 84 Five-word and six-word sentences.

This app targets words with consonant blends and 24 of the more difficult sight words to decode. 

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