No Sound on Your iPad or Games? Here's How to Fix it

If you are not able to hear sound on one of our apps, you are probably not able to hear sound on your other apps. Most sound issues are related to the iPad device settings, more specifically to the Side Switch, which controls rotation and sound.

1. The first thing to check is to make sure that the side switch is not enabled. The orange should not be showing. If you see orange, slide the side switch so that you do not see orange.
2. Put the volume all the way up. The volume controls are next to the side switch.
3. Bring up the control center from the bottom of your screen and look at the bell. If the bell is lit, tap it to turn off mute.
4. Make sure the volume in the control center is all the way up.
5. If there is still no sound, your side switch was probably changed to Lock Rotation while the iPad was muted. To fix this issue: a.) Tap Settings > General. b.) Then under Use Side Switch To: make sure “Mute” is checked. c.) Slide the side switch so that no orange can be seen. You can now reset the side switch to Lock Rotation if you like (as long as your device is not muted). 6. If there is still no sound, then close all background apps and reset your device. How to Reset iPad: a.) Press the sleep/wake and home buttons at the same time. b.) Continue to hold these buttons for 10 seconds or more until the screen goes dark. c.) Continue to hold these buttons until you see the Apple icon appear. d.) Let go of the buttons and the iPad reset will be complete. Here is a fun and informative video on these iPad Sound Problems. Look here for more information About the iPad Side Switch. Other possible sources of sound issues could be that the headphones are plugged in or that the device is docked. Some docks will take over sound output— make sure the iPad/iPhone is not docked/connected to anything. Thank you for visiting Preschool University. If you ever have a question or a problem with one of our apps or games, please let us know. We really do appreciate your feedback! Call us at 612-226-1519. Click here to email us, or fill out the form below.